About Us

The VII Board of Directors

Bryan Brown

Dr. Brown is an Associate Professor of Biological Sciences at Virginia Tech where his research centers on community ecology in aquatic systems. He’s an expert on community assembly and response to disturbance.

Sally Entrekin

Dr. Entrekin is an Associate Professor of Entomology at Virginia Tech. Her research is focused on macroinvertebrate population and community ecology, and her group uses changes in macroinvertebrate communities to understand how people impact water quality and quantity .

Kal Ivanov

Photo of Kal Ivanov

Dr. Ivanov is Associate Curator in the Department of Recent Invertebrates at the Virginia Museum of Natural History. An entomologist and community ecologist who specializes primarily in ants, he’s an expert in biodiversity inventories.

Benjamin Jantzen

Dr. Jantzen is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Virginia Tech whose first academic life was in biophysics. He’s a lifelong entomophile, a dedicated naturalist, and founder of VII.

Jackson Means

Dr. Means is a myriapodologist — an expert on millipedes and centipedes — with the Virginia Museum of Natural History where he’s been curating and updating the museum’s vast millipede collection. Jackson is one of a very small cadre with intimate knowledge of Virginia’s myriapods.

Michael Meyer

Dr. Meyer is an Associate Professor in the Department of Organismal and Environmental Biology at Christopher Newport University. He studies the terrestrial arthropods, with an emphasis on the diversity and distribution of Ephemeroptera (mayflies).