Our Mission


We know how important invertebrates are in the ecosystems of Virginia, but we don’t know how the changing landscape is impacting their populations. VII will build and maintain the only network of insect population monitoring sites in the state, collecting valuable long-term data that will guide our conservation strategy and support scientific research.


We know very little about how even the common invertebrates in our backyards make a living. As habitat changes and species vanish, we risk losing the chance to learn about the incredible richness of life’s diversity. By funding field research in natural history, we will serve as witness to life’s grand pageant.


Through the judicious use of land acquisitions and easements,VII is creating the first network of miniature conservation corridors in the state. This network will connect the remaining patches of prime habitat for native Virginia terrestrial and aquatic invertebrates, helping maintain dwindling populations of our most diverse animal groups.